We Reward Your Loyalty!

We know that you have options when it comes to choosing a vendor, and that's why we want to thank you for choosing us! Our rewards program is simple,  and it's the best way for us to show you how much your business means to us.


How It Works

For every one-hundred (100) grams (sodium or sulfate) that you purchase from us, you'll earn a FREE TEN (10) GRAM order, on us! It's that simple!

Example: You have purchased 90 grams in total from us, spread out over several orders, or on one order, and you're ready to buy again. When you pay for your 100th gram, we'll include a free 10 gram jar (tianeptine sodium or sulfate) with that purchase.



Point Tracking

We keep track of your points for you, and we'll know when it's time to send you your reward. If you ever want to send us a reminder message just to be sure, feel free to contact us at But we promise that you won't have to. 

Buy from a company that rewards you for your business.